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Four Benefits of Working From Home

Four Benefits of Working From Home

Order Delicious Local Takeout
I’ve been hearing this statement a lot, but let me say it again! Support your local restaurants as much you can during this time. They’ll love you for it and your appetite will too. Grab some Momos from Kathmandu station, Tacos from Mula or Cauli wings from Nite Owl.

Unwind with a Midday Spa Sesh
Treating yourself to a bubble bath in the middle of the workday may seem indulgent, but hey – why the heck not?! Sometimes taking a break in the middle of the day is exactly what you need to reboot your workflow.

Enjoy Endless Pet love
Or plant love or family love or roommate love. Whoever you’re sharing your space with, take this as an opportunity to show them you care. If you do have a furry friend, this might be the happiest they’ve ever been – getting attention all day long.

Become a Pickling Pro
I think we’ve all been a little bit surprised at how good of cooks we can truly be when we have the time for it. Personally, I’ve gotten into pickling lol. But it doesn’t have to be just that! Maybe you’ve always wanted to bake a seven-layer cake or learn to make sushi. Take this time to get creative with your food!

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