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Interactive Art + Science Exhibition

KANEKO is an arts and culture nonprofit focused on exploring creativity. As the Marketing and Communications Manager, I led the marketing and brand direction for the light exhibition. Light showcased work by leading artists from all over the world including Refik Anadol’s Infinity Room and Circus Family’s audiovisiual masterpiece, TRIPH. All of the pieces in this exhibition shared the common thread of light, turning the gallery spaces into living breathing experiential spaces. This exhibition brought in over 40,000 attendees with visitors from 46 states and 6 countries. During this exhibition we offered 26 public programs and collaborated with 25 community partners.


Local & National Outreach

We sent the light season preview to over 7,000 homes giving constituents a glimpse into the light programming. The local and national response to light was extremely positive. Through media outreach, light was featured in local publications including the Omaha World Herald, KETV, The Reader and others. With traction growing in the local community, we expanded our outreach nationally and landed features in the Washington Post, Creative Boom and Art Daily!


Social Media Attention

Light was a highly visual exhibition lending for a huge amount of social media attention. By posting and distributing relevant content, we kept our followers engaged. We more than double our instagram following to 4,422 followers and increased our facebook following to 8,446 likes.

Email Marketing

Email also played an important roll in our marketing strategy. We sent monthly program updates to all subscribers as well as targeted blasts to members, donors and educational partners. With a large amount of foot traffic, we made sure to collect email addresses to keep our visitors engaged and grew our mailing list 25% during the exhibition.



Chris Hochstetler, Michael Hollins, Andrew Bauer, Jennifer Patrick, Molly Hobson, Elisabeth Barrett, Samuel Bertino, Stephanie Plummer & Kelsey Scofield.

Contributing Artists
Taylor Dean Harrison, Circus Family, Refik Anadol, SKYGLOW, Adam Belt, Corey Broman & Extreme Light Labratory.

Pixel Bakery

Ben Semisch & Tom Kessler