Art Exhibition that Examines our own Reality

Reality was a unique exhibition at KANEKO that challenged visitors to examine their own reality through art, science and technology. As the Marketing and Communications Manager, I created the branding, design and marketing collateral for the exhibition. 

Reality Season Preview

The Reality season brought in many different lectures, performances and musical groups. Using the Reality brand, I created the season preview to highlight the many events happening in the space! Through media outreach we were able to get the attention of local news outlets including KETV, the Omaha World Herald, The Reader and more! Take a look at the press release below.

Reality Press Release

Sharing Stories

Reality was rich in content and held the stories of over 50 artists and collaborators. Through KANEKO's social media accounts, I worked to tell the stories of those individuals.


My contribution was a small part in this extremely large project! Below is a list of individuals involved in making this exhibition possible. 

Chris Hochstetler, Michael Hollins, Andrew Bauer, Jennifer Patrick, Molly Hobson, Kelsey Scofield, Elisabeth Barrett, Samuel Bertino & Stephanie Plummer.

Contributing Artists
Misha Gordin, UNMC iEXCEL, Joe Nicholson, Museum of Alternative Hisotry & Hastings College JDAC.

Pixel Bakery

Ben Semisch

Madida Clothing

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